Company Disputes

Disputes about companies take many forms. They can involve arguments about whether a director has acted in the best interests of the company, or has wrongfully preferred their own interests, or has acted carelessly or fraudulently. They can raise issues as to whether a person has been unfairly excluded from the management of a company or from sharing in its profits, or whether a company member has been subjected to unfair prejudice and should consider bringing a “derivative claim” against the wrongdoing director(s).

Sometimes disagreements concern the correct interpretation of a shareholders’ agreement or a company’s articles of association, or whether a company should be wound up. Occasionally there may be a question as to whether a “struck-off” company can be restored to the register.

Companies themselves come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from large commercial enterprises to small quasi-partnership family companies. Each type of dispute demands a different approach, often dependent not only on commercial concerns, but also upon the personal and business relationships of company stakeholders.

Our barristers have a detailed knowledge and deep experience of the law, practice and procedure relating to companies and are able to advise and represent comprehensively across this field of law.

Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes concern the interpretation and enforceability of written and oral agreements. They arise in almost an infinite variety of circumstances, from the clarification of the meaning of a lengthy commercial lease to a quarrel about the existence or enforceability of a purely oral agreement between two neighbours.

Chambers provides expert advice and representation in all types of contractual disputes, including those involving

  • The interpretation of the rights and duties conferred and imposed by a written agreement
  • Differences between business partners (for example as to obligations owed to each other as partners under a partnership agreement)
  • The sale and purchase of residential and commercial property
  • Construction and building claims
  • Insurance contracts
  • The sale of goods
  • The supply of goods and services
  • Consumer credit agreements
  • Credit hire agreements
  • Lease, hire and rental agreements
  • Agency agreements

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