Housing & Property

Residential Landlord and tenant disputes

Our barristers work alongside our highly reputed housing law team to advise on all aspects of private residential disputes. They utilise their extensive knowledge of the rental market to provide expert legal advice on private residential disputes, both to our solicitor colleagues and directly on a Public Access basis.

The areas on which we regularly advise include

  • Leasehold enforcement disputes
  • Service charge disputes
  • Tenancy management company disputes
  • Forfeiture claims
  • First-Tier Property Tribunal representation
  • Validity of notice disputes
  • Lease/licence disputes
  • Harassment claims
  • Disrepair and fitness for habitation issues

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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that involves no fault finding and no judgement. Unity Street Chambers offers a mediation service for those wishing to resolve disputes without recourse to expensive and potentially lengthy litigation. We have a qualified mediator on our team who can accept instruction to act either independently as a mediator or as a barrister for clients in mediations relating to property and commercial disputes.

Mediation is cheaper than undergoing court proceedings. We offer fixed costs, from two hours’ mediation to a full day. We have our own mediation suite here in Chambers. Alternatively, mediation can take place at solicitors’ offices, or even in the client’s office or home.

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Anti-social Behaviour

We have extensive experience advising on Anti-social Behaviour (ASB), a highly specialist area of law.

Our ASB team is well practised in dealing with all legal aspects of anti-social behaviour remedies, from the original decision as to which type of remedy to seek, to the enforcement proceedings, including committal for breaches. We routinely represent local authorities, housing associations and other professional bodies in applications to the County and Magistrates’ Court for remedies under the 2014 Act.

We are also regularly instructed by the CPS and defence solicitors in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts in respect of Criminal Behaviour Orders.

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Boundaries, Easements and Neighbour Disputes

Our barristers frequently advise on claims concerning arguments over boundaries, from cases in which the area in dispute is just a few metres square to larger claims involving possessory title, estoppel and similar issues.

We are experts in easement rights and can assist in advising whether an easement has arisen or has been interfered with. We can also draft claims for the recognition of such rights; equally, we can defend property owners facing claims about them.

Our team has extensive experience resolving neighbour disputes. From trespass, nuisance and harassment claims to arguments about trees and hedges. Our barristers work on behalf of numerous local authorities, housing associations, property management companies and other entities to enforce property obligations.

We can equally represent occupiers, tenants and property owners who are subject to claims of breach of tenancy or similar allegations, or who wish to enforce their contractual rights. We also frequently address statutory nuisance issues and local authority-related disputes. Chambers has long-standing experience in both bringing and defending claims involving damage by tree roots and subsidence, and in resolving such claims through alternative dispute resolution or court action if necessary.

Members of Chambers are available at short notice to advise, draft pleadings and appear in court on all types of disputes involving boundaries, easements and nuisance. We also host seminars on these issues for solicitors, insurers, local authorities and housing associations across the West Country and Wales.

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